Friday, 19 November 2010

Harry Potter Themed Nail Art

To begin, I applied my base coat and base colours:

Thumb: Nails Inc Villiers Street with w7 Cerise Pink over the top
Index: Illamasqua Phallic with w7 Blue Dazzle over the top
Middle: Beautyuk Go Green with Max Factor Dazzling Blue and w7 Green Dazzle over the top
Ring: China Glaze Lemon Fizz with a bright yellow nail art pen and Max Factor Ivory over the top
Pinkie: Barry M Black

Then I applied polish at the base of my nail (excluding my pinkie) in a crescent shape.

Thumb: a gold colour nail art pen with a gold glitter nail art pen over the top
Index: a silver colour nail art pen with a silver glitter nail art pen over the top
Middle: same as index
Ring: black nail art pen with Max Factor Ivory over the top
Pinkie: I drew the Deathly Hallows sign with a white nail art pen.

Before I started painting my nails, I found pictures of the Hogwarts house crests from Google. I printed them out on normal printer paper and cut round them. This took the most time because they were tiny and weren't just a simple shape to cut round.

At first I stuck them onto my nails with a clear top coat but it wasn't sticking very well so I used nail glue when I did my other hand. I placed them roughly in the middle of where my base colour and crescent shape met. I applied quite a few layers of top coat because I've never used normal paper for nail art before so I'm not quite sure how it'll stick. I might try adding another layer of top coat every day too, just for a bit of extra protection.

I'm so excited to see Harry Potter! :D Hope you enjoyed!


  1. hey! i love the way you did this and with harry potter in cinemas less than 24hrs to go here in sydney i really want to do something like this!

    did it end up sticking on well? (i mean, did it last?) i did a 'trial' with normal paper just then and it moves, so i guess i have to nail glue it too

    but yeah! tell me how this went for you? and thanks for the post! im just going to make my base a shimmery blue because i dont have enough shades at home :(

    thanks !!

    - win

  2. It stuck on pretty well with the nail glue, one or two of the edges kept popping up but I just stuck them back down with the glue.
    I hope you enjoyed the film, I'm so excited to see it!

  3. fantastic nails! We are going to have a maraton of Harry Potter this weekend... I guess I SO have to get and make these nails! Thanks :)