Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Butterflies and Stars Nail Art

To begin I applied my base coat and then Collection 2000 Show Off with two coats of OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night over the top.

Then I used Konad plate m57 with GOSH Holographic on my nails.

Then I took three different types of fimo cane slices and placed them onto my nails with Elegant Touch brush on nail glue. You can use a clear polish to stick the slices on but I prefer using glue because it adheres to your nails better. You can get fimo canes on ebay, amazon and lots of different nail art websites, I got mine from a mixture of these places. You can buy them already sliced or buy the canes and slice them yourself. Finally I finished off with a top coat!

Pink and Purple Nail Art

I did this quickly so I don't have any step by step pictures, sorry!

First I started with my base coat and then China Glaze Rich & Famous.

Next I created a triangular shape at the base of my nails using Illamasqua Baptiste. I used a nail art brush but if you don't want to do it freehand just place some tape on your nails leaving the shape at the base of your nails and paint over it. Make sure the tape is stuck to your nails really well because you don't want excess polish running under the tape and ruining the shape. Try to wait until the polish is dry before peeling the tape off.

Then I went over my entire nail with a coat of OPI Wing It! and added a clear rhinestone in the centre of the triangle.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Pink & Black Valentine's Day Nail Art

To begin I used a base coat and my base colour, two coats of Barbara Daly Sweetie with CND Raspberry Sparkle over the top.

Next I used AFNB Stripe & Sparkle Pattie to draw two curved lines on each nail, in the same direction as a half moon manicure, leaving a fair bit of space between them.

Next I filled in the space between the lines using a small nail art brush with Nubar Brilliant.

Then I added dots of Starry Night from The Body Shop along the top line. Lastly added the hearts in the centre of my nails and used my top coat to seal them in place.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Black, Purple & Holographic Valentine's Day Nail Art

To begin I applied by base coat then about 3 coats of GOSH Holographic.

Next I used China Glaze IDK with Konad plate m57 over my nails. My camera wasn't capturing the image properly, these are the best pictures I could get, you can see it fine in real life.

Next I used different images from Konad plates m3 and m59 with Barry M Black on my nails, then finally added my topcoat.

Cupid's Arrow Valentines Day Nail Art

To begin I applied my base coat and used OPI Flower-To-Flower on the tips of my nails and the entire nail on my ring finger.

Next, I used Max Factor Ivory to line the tips of my nails and Stargazer Gold Chrome to draw a heart on each pink tip. To draw the hearts I used a dotting tool and made two dots side by side and then pulled them both down so they met in the middle. I used w7 Gold Dazzle with my dotting tool to add dots below the tips of my nails.

Next I used Stargazer Gold Chrome to draw a heart with an arrow going through it on my ring finger. I added some Max Factor Ivory on top of the heart and added some dots around the nail with w7 Gold Dazzle, then finished with a top coat.