Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sparkly Cocktail Nail Art

To begin, I first drew out different shaped glasses on a poly pocket. I used The grey polish from AFNB Trio in Smile in a Storm, then filling it in with a clear nail polish all over where the glass would be, and a white nail art pen where the drink would be.

Thumb (Tequila Sunrise): I started with a deep orange nail art pen, I only used a small amount at the bottom of the glass, then blended it into w7 Flourescent Orange in the middle and finished off with a yellow nail art pen for the top. I used these again for the orange.
Index (Cosmotpolitan): I used w7 Flourescent purple at the bottom and blended it up with w7 Sunrise. I used true green and lime green nail art pens for the lime.
Middle (Pina Colada): I started with a bright yellow nail art pen and blended it up with Lemon Fizz from China Glaze. I used both colours plus Nails Inc Belgravia for the pineapple.
Ring (Blue Lagoon): I used OPI What's With The Cattitude for the entire glass, just adding a tiny bit of OPI Give Me The Moon at the top to blend it slightly. I used a bright yellow nail art pen and a lemony-lime colour nail art pen for the lemon.
Pinkie (green): I used a sheer lime nail art pen to fill in the entire glass and then used a green nail art pen to draw the mint leaves.

I painted a coat of clear polish over the top of them all to seal them.

For the nails, I used Essie Ballet Slippers as my base colour and added a black tip with Eyeko Cosmic polish.

Then I added a different coloured line to each nail where the black meets my base colour and added my cocktails.

Then I outlined the glasses with a white nail art pen to make them stand out a bit more. I added a few coloured rhinestones to each nail and GOSH Magic Star over the cocktails and then my topcoat!

Hope you enjoyed :)

I got this idea from a video on youtube, you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_A8d7pWy6E

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  1. quick question for you. i have seen you reference using a "poly pocket" but was wondering if you could tell me where to buy this or of the companies name that makes them.

    Thanks :)