Thursday, 25 November 2010

Photography Nail Art - Request

My friend Jennifer asked me to do little cameras on nails when I asked for ideas, here's what I came up with!

Firstly I drew the cameras on a poly pocket, using the dark grey side of AFNB Smile In A Storm Trio for the entire camera, outlined it with Barry M Black, shaded with a dark grey and highlighted with Stargazer Chrome.

For the nails, I first used one coat of Barry M Cyan Blue, then changed my mind and used 2 coats of China Glaze 2Nite over the top.

Next, I painted a French tip on 3 nails using Stargazer Chrome. I wanted to create the effect of a camera's flash, I used Wet n' Wild Sparkling Diamonds, China Glaze Frosty and AFNB Stripe & Sparkle in Katleen with a sponge to give a gradient circle.

Next, I added the cameras and striped a line of Art Club Holographic along the French tips.

Finally I added black rhinestones in the centre of the lens and clear rhinestones where the flash is, then sealed with a topcoat.

If you have any requests for me either leave them in the comments at the bottom of this post or send me a message on Twitter/Facebook!


  1. how did you do the cameras? i can't find out.. firstly just paint on a poly pocket and can it simple use like a stamp?
    Otherwise, I like your works! : )

  2. or did U just try it on the poly pocket? : D

  3. I painted the cameras on the poly pocket and then waited for them to dry completely (at least a couple of hours or leave them overnight, if possible). When they were dry I peeled them off of the poly pocket so they were like home-made stickers. It's much easier than trying to paint something intricate on the nails, especially with your non-dominant hand!

  4. Thanks a lot! I haven't heard that before, but it sounds good so I'll try it.