Saturday, 20 November 2010

Rhinestone Skull Nail Art

I'm using practice manicure fingers with fake nails, I'll probably use them quite frequently for my blog if I'm already wearing nail art that I want to keep on for a while.

I didn't take pictures step by step because my camera's battery was low, sorry!

To start, I applied Barry M Black to the nails except what would be the ring finger. For the ring finger I applied w7 Flourescent Purple (which is actually a pink) with w7 Pink Dazzle over the top.

For the tips of the black nails, I painted a french tip with Flourescent Purple and Pink Dazzle and then painted a thin line where the pink stops using a silver nail art pen.

For the skull I used a black nail art pen to draw eyes, a nose, teeth and the head shape, then filled it all in with black and hot pink rhinestones.

You can choose whether you want to add a topcoat to the rhinestones or not. A topcoat will seal it in and the rhinestones will be less likely to fall off, but it'll reduce the sparkle of the stones. It's upto you! I added a topcoat to this nail because I want it to last.

Hope you enjoyed!

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