Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sparkly Glitter Nail Art

First I applied my base coat and base colour, Nails Inc Buckingham Street.

Next I used Stargazer Chrome with Bundle Monster plate BM21 using part of the star image. I stamped this onto the lower corner of my nails.

Then I drew a diagonal line across my nails with OPI Show It And Glow It! and filled in the top half with this polish. I finished off with a few coats of topcoat because I don't like my nails to be rough with the glitter.

I had trouble getting a half decent picture of this because both polishes look so similar in a still picture, they're much nicer in real life when the light hits them from different angles. I managed to take a blurry picture which I thought was pretty :)

Sparkles :)

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