Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ariel - Disney Nail Art Series

For my base colour I used Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream with an NYC polish over the top (it didn't have a name on it but it had i104A on the front). It was a pale shimmery blue/green colour.

I drew and filled in the tail with China Glaze Frosty to block out the base colour. I then used the same NYC colour to fill it in and then a pale green nail art pen to add detail.

For the body I used Natural Collection Nail Tip Whitener to block the blue out, then went over it with beautyuk Go Green, Barry M Mint Green and different shades of green nail art pens to give a fish scale effect.

I then used the nail tip whitener to block out the blue where I wanted the hair to be. Then I used MUA Shade 6, Barry M Raspberry and a red nail art pen to draw the hair and add detail.

Finally I added a few dots of Wet n Wild Sparkling Diamonds for bubbles.

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