Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wavy Glitter Stripes Nail Art

To start, I applied a coat of Rimmel Whitener, then Rimmel Stronger. Then, I did one coat of Altar Ego by OPI. Next I used a nail art brush to do three wavy lines across the top of my nail, leaving a gap in between each line. If you don't have a nail art brush an old liquid eyeliner brush would work.

To make it a bit easier I tried painting a small straight line in the middle of my nail, then curved it upwards at one end and downwards at the other end. That helped a lot, especially when painting my right hand.

I then used Wet n Wild Rock Solid nail polish in Sparkling Diamonds to fill in the gaps between the lines. Then, I went over it with Barry M nail paint in Pink Irridescent.

I used a glitter nail polish to go over the coloured lines with my nail art brush, bringing it down further than the colour stops and curving it along the bottom of my nail to give a slight gradient effect.

Finish off with a clear top coat and thats it!

I would probably do all my nails one colour if I was doing this nail art again, I just wanted to see how it would look with a bunch of different colours!

If you have any nail art requests or ideas let me know!

Colours used:

Thumb - Max Factor mini nail polish in Diva Pink, then w7 Pink Dazzle
Index - OPI Do You Lilac It?, then w7 Purple Dazzle
Middle - beautyuk Go Green, then w7 Green Dazzle
Ring - Barry M Cyan Blue, then w7 Blue Dazzle
Pinkie - Rimmel Your Majesty, then Art Club Hologram Glitter