Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lips/Kisses Valentine's Day Nail Art

To begin I used Barbara Daly polish in Sweetie with Stargazer number 111 over the top.

Next, I drew the outline of the lips with Barry M Raspberry, making a basic lip shape.

Then I filled the lips in slightly, feathering the colour into the middle.

Next, I used OPI Altar Ego to blend the colour in, making sure to keep a small space free in the middle of the lips. I went a bit too far in so I took some more of my base colour and erased any mistakes and also went around the outside of the lips to tidy the lines up a bit. I did the same thing for the second pair of lips but with different colours - China Glaze Rich & Famous and China Glaze Second Hand Silk.

Finally I used OPI Flower-To-Flower with Bundle Monster plate BM02 to show what the kiss image looks like compared to the drawn on images.

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